Medical Space Planning for Architects on QEII Hospital

Project deliverable:

Medical Space Planning

Commissioned by Architects to undertake healthcare space planning project

The QEII Hospital at Welwyn Garden City is one of a new generation of local hospitals designed to keep key hospital functions close to communities while moving specialist acute and in-patient care to fewer larger main centres.

C A Design Services (CADS) was commissioned by Architects Penoyre and Prasad in February 2014 to undertake a healthcare space planning project. This required the production of a comprehensive package of works including elevated C-sheets for use in the new hospital design process. The project required advice on the best method and software for extracting and verifying the correctness of the clinician-approved departmental requirements which had been specified in Healthcare Trust’s ADB database.

Using a 4-stage process

Stage 1: During preliminary discussions CADS established that the most efficient solution was to convert the existing ADB database to create a new database using Codebook. This meant that Codebook, a more flexible and cost effective solution, could be used throughout the project.

Stage 2: The CADS team checked the accuracy of the descriptions and graphic representation for each component including verifying the manufacturer’s specification where necessary. A Quality Assurance process was run on completion of this stage to ensure that the Codebook database was an entirely accurate representation of the clinicians specification for each of the hospital’s departments.

Stage 3: The Codebook graphics were overlaid on the Architect’s plans to highlight any space planning errors and equipment layout conflicts. The CADS team were able to logically rectify these clashes with minimal changes to the agreed layout, thanks to the team’s medical space planning expertise and strong working relationship with Penoyre and Prasad. These checks and corrections meant that all issues were rectified before the plans were taken to the next stage of C-Sheet creation removing the cost and time implications of latter stage changes.

Stage 4: The elevated C-sheets and elevations were produced in line with project specific fixed heights and Part M regulations. Further checks were also carried out on the equipment schedule to ensure it was in line with the original Room Data Sheet requirements.

Delivering a comprehensive package of works

Penoyre & Prasad received a comprehensive package of works containing a fully loaded plan per department, an elevated C-sheet with component list per room, together with the Codebook database and library. The medical space planning package was verified to be as specified by the clinicians and fully compliant with the NHS and DDA requirements.

“The team at C A Design Services provided sound advice and methodology in converting the ADB Database into Codebook to deliver the package of works including elevated C-sheets. The CADS team added real value in the checking, verifying and amending of the component data and layouts, which came down to their experience and knowledge and the great working relationship we developed between us over a number of projects. C A Design Services will continue to be our first choice to work with on future medical space planning projects.”

Peter Liddell, Associate & Project Lead, Penoyre and Prasad

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