Space Planning & Layout of Benenden Hospital

Project deliverable:

Hospital space planning

From 3D Visuals to 350 Room Layouts Complying with Part M Regs

Founded in 1907 Benenden Hospital is currently undergoing a £40 million redevelopment project to create a leading centre for health and well-being in rural Kent. The project to create a state-of-the-art first-class independent hospital began on site in June 2014 and is due for completion in 2016.

Initially CADS was commissioned by architects CA Vaughan Blundell Ltd to produce 3D visuals of the main entrance and restaurant area for planning purposes. Subsequently CADS was appointed to provide room loading and room layouts in compliance with Part M regulations for over 350 rooms. CADS involvement in the project was spread over 30 months from Summer 2012 to Spring 2014.

Five stage process starting with building CodeBook database

Stage 1: CADS built a CodeBook database based on client supplied Room Data Sheets. Sketches were also provided with outline proposals for some of the rooms. Any missing equipment blocks were created and added to the specific CodeBook equipment library.

Stage 2: The Healthcare team created a series of exemplar rooms based upon our knowledge of clinical room loading, Part M regulations and recognised building standards for the user group consultations.

During this initial exercise we identified significant anomalies in the equipment specified in the Room Data Sheets. A review was then undertaken on all rooms to bring the equipment required in line with current regulations and healthcare standards. While this was a major project at the time, it saved significant costs in latter-stage corrections

Stage 3: Once the Plan C-sheets were signed off by the users, we then loaded the remaining rooms across the development.

Stage 4: It was decided that the Plan C-sheets would become the master document and form the final procurement database.

Stage 5: Subsequently CADS created the layouts for the temporary healthcare accommodation, which was to be used to decant medical treatment rooms during the construction phase. This was a challenge as the room layouts had to take account of existing items within the rooms such as sanitary ware and still be loaded in compliance with ‘new’ build hospital standards.

What the client said

“The CADS team bought significant healthcare knowledge to the Benenden Hospital project. Not only did they complete the project effectively and efficiently.

They also identified substantial inconsistencies within the Medical Room Datasheets while they were creating the initial CodeBook Database. This meant we were able to correct these errors at an early stage, potentially saving significant costs at a later date.

I would happily recommend CADS Healthcare space planning team to work on any similar project.”

Vaughan Blundell,
CA Vaughan Blundell

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