Laser Survey and LOD 300 Model Case Study – Goodmayes Hospital

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Chartered Surveyor Luke Wale introduces this large laser survey project of Goodmayes Hospital at Romford in North London. We delivered the project to the client as a LOD 300 model.

This major project involved a measured building survey of the 10 hospital buildings and 20 ancillary buildings on this 25 acre site. Our client, architects practice Ingleton Wood, required detailed scans of the external facades and for the survey data to be delivered as a 3d model.

We created the 3D model to various levels of development relating to how the architects were planning to use the data.

This included a LOD 300 model of the external elevations of the buildings in detail, as the architects were planning to preserve these elements. We also picked up the ancillary buildings to a conceptual level to give context to the site.

The scale of the project can be understood by the external traverse of the site which was 1,000 metres.

We used laser scanners to capture the details on the external elevations and within the vacant buildings. Where e the building was still in use, our surveyors used a traditional measured survey.

We took over 600 laser scans in total, amounting to over half a terabyte (500 gigabytes) and the biggest challenge was managing the data, registering the scans to bring it altogether.

Our comprehensive survey department has specialists in different areas including experienced site surveyors, expert 3D modellers and specialists in laser scanning and setting up control networks.

The key to this project was how we linked the different sources of data including GPS, Total Station, laser scanning and manual hand measurements.

To read the case study in full, please visit Goodmayes Hospital Project.

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