How a BIM survey adds value to an architectural project (animation)

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Watch our handy guide about BIM surveys to learn how they can add value to your client’s project and the key deliverables you should expect from a survey.

A survey is the first stage in the cradle to grave lifespan of a refurbishment or redevelopment project. As a result the designers need to be confident in the accuracy of the survey data. If they have this, they can design with greater confidence and certainty, thereby reducing commercial risk.

Video Transcript: How can a BIM Survey add value to an architectural project?

A BIM survey helps with the initial design of a project, ensuring the data captured is fit for purpose. It is:

  • Speedy – swift delivery of survey data means the design team can quickly progress with the design of their project.
  • Provides clarity and accuracy – with a valuable, data-rich site reference that can be used throughout the design process.
  • Confidence in your project – by providing accurate site data, it reduces commercial risk.
  • Client Satisfaction – a survey ensures a client project benefits from an improved use of time, an accurate project scope.

By preserving quality standards and controlling costs, a project starting with a BIM-ready survey should help you deliver a successful project and a happy client.

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