The Benefits of a Point Cloud Survey

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A Point Cloud survey offers many benefits. Whether you need to locate Mechanical and Electrical services, verify existing drawings with what’s on site or an ‘as-built’ survey before the strip-out works begin, commissioning a Point Cloud Survey will give you the reliable information required.

Precise geometric detail

A point cloud survey captures the precise geometric detail of even the most complex structures. It captures them quickly and accurately and creates a valuable information tool for all members of the project team.

Cost effective phased delivery

You only need to visit the project site once to create a Point Cloud survey. You can then use it as a cost-effective solution for a project requiring a phased delivery.

Project deliverables

Project deliverables can include a 3D Revit® model, 2D plans as well as using the Point Cloud in isolation as an online site verification tool.

Desktop delivery with interactive WebShare Portal

Delivered directly to your desktop as a raw file for importing into Revit® or via Faro’s interactive WebShare portal, the 3D Point Cloud has the benefit of bringing the site to life and aids collaboration.

Verifying architectural detail & measurements

Using a Point Cloud survey you can verify architectural details or to check specific measurements such as floor to ceiling heights, window and door spans or pipework in ceiling voids.

Point Clouds in colour or black and white

Depending on your project requirements the point cloud can be produced in colour, black and white or a combination of the two. A coloured point cloud survey is easier to visualise with a real life feel. The grey scale point cloud is colourised from site photographs taken on site.

Useful for MEP projects

For projects involving MEP works, you can easily identify the physically colour coded pipes without reference to external images or drawings. The colour point cloud also brings historical sites to life – as if you are experiencing them in person.

Cost implications of colour versus black and white

It is, however, worth bearing in mind that the colour point cloud also captures the photographic images. This means the survey process takes longer on site and longer to register, which involves additional cost.

A black and white point cloud survey on the other hand is faster and therefore cheaper to deliver and suitable for most applications.

Creating a Survey Specification

When creating a survey specification, we can identify specific areas needed in colour as opposed to black and white. This will ensure you get the optimum mix of data you need for your project.

If you would like to discuss your survey requirements, please contact Mark Johnson at C A Design Services on +44(0)1493 412806 or email