Space Planning – Micro, Macro and StoreSpace®

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Retail Space Planning – Micro, Macro and StoreSpace®

In this video, Guy Moates talks about the relationship between micro and macro space planning and explains why accurate store planning is crucial to maximise retail profitability.

Guy also introduces C A Design Services specialist space planning software package StoreSpace®, explaining the features, advantages and benefits of the popular product for the retailer.

StoreSpace® was developed in response to the practical experience of our Retail Planning teams and utilising CADS significant in-house knowledge of the AutoCAD API. StoreSpace® links together your planning information, specs and standards to your store plans using AutoCAD and a web-based portal.

StoreSpace® is a registered trademark of C A Design Services Ltd.

If you’d like to discover more about StoreSpace or the full Retail Services offered by C A Design Services, please contact Guy Moates or Pete Humm on 01493 412806 or email