How to Optimise Store Layouts & Performance Using StoreSpace®

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Optimising store layouts and perfomance to create profitable storess requires the meticulous positioning of categories and products to ensure selling space is maximised and customers are satisfied. Optimising store performance involves the assessment of many different data and this is where StoreSpace® fits in.

Developed in-house and based on a wealth of practical space planning experience and innovation StoreSpace helps retailers to optimise their stores with accurate information about store layouts.

How Can StoreSpace® Help You Optimise Your Store Layouts & Performance?

To optimise your store layouts and performance you need to understand how the selling space within your stores integrates with the building. This includes taking account of the impact of equipment, customer flow and fixture placements. StoreSpace builds this intelligence directly into your existing AutoCAD block library. By avoiding the use of overlays and trace files StoreSpace ensures a single AutoCAD drawing reflects each store.

Using AutoCAD, your store plans and our StoreSpaceOnline portal, StoreSpace® provides a range of space planning software tools that simplify and speed the floor planning process. Empowering you to maximise sales and improve profitability by achieving optimal layouts, range and assortment for individual stores across your whole estate.

The intuitive range of planning tools will guide you through the macro space planning process. By using model stores and a simple traffic light process your retail planners can achieve the right balance of space in each store. Highlighting tools show category locations, over or under achievement of targets compare to your model stores.

Integrating with Nielsen Planograms

When used in conjunction with Nielsen Spaceman® heatmaps, StoreSpace will help analyse your store layout. By linking your micro and macro planning systems driving the store to planogram relationship from inside AutoCAD. Available planograms can be planned directly onto your AutoCAD fixtures and available sales, movement and profit data can be ‘heat-mapped’ onto your plans helping to guide the planning process.

This video overview outlines how our StoreSpace space planning software can assist you in optimising your store layouts and performance.

StoreSpace® is a registered trademark of C A Design Services Ltd.

If you would like to discuss how StoreSpace can help you optimise your retail space and performance or to see a demonstration, please contact Guy Moates or Pete Humm on 01493 412806 or email