Meet the Retail Planning Team

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The Work of the UK’s Largest Retail Planning Team

Retail Services Manager Pete Humm and his team talk about the retail planning work C A Design Services undertakes for clients.

Pete manages the UK’s largest retail planning teams split across our three offices in Great Yarmouth, Leeds and Wolverhampton working for a wide range of retail clients

Managing Client’s Retail Planning Projects

Pete and deputy retail services manager Aimée Haddock explain how they start work with new client and how they run a project from beginning to end.

Normally clients are introduced to CADS by referral from an existing retail client and the first step is to meet the client face to face to understand their project needs. Every client is appointed a project leader as the primary point of contact for any retail planning work.

All project enquiries are turned into a client-approved brief with agreed deliverables and timescales. CADS will then undertake a pilot store to make sure that the work specified in the brief can be delivered as the client requires on the store plan and once the client signs this off the project is rolled out across 1 or 500 stores.

When undertaking retail planning projects for clients we either work from our own offices at the client’s offices if they want us to be working alongside their retail planners.

What Clients Appreciate Most From C A Design Services

As Aimée Haddock explains, when clients are under pressure they need CADS to take their headache away and that’s what we are particularly good at. Providing an extra pair of hands or half a dozen pairs of hands to provide a resource as and when needed.

Pete, finishes off by explain that clients also enjoy the comprehensive range of retail services that CADS offers. Alongside the retail planning services clients uses our surveying services, StoreSpace® store planning software and StoreView® 360 virtual tours of physical stores.

If you’d like to discover more about the comprehensive range of Retail Planning Services offered by C A Design Services, please contact Guy Moates or Pete Humm on 01493 412806 or email