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Instant, easy and secure access to your survey data anywhere in the world

We will host your survey data on FARO’s SCENE WebShare, a cloud-based hosting solution that allows easy and secure sharing of scan data via the internet. It means clients can instantly explore and share their laser survey information with different project partners in any location.

Design teams save time with immediate access to survey data

One of the key benefits of using Webshare is the time it can save. Design teams can immediately access the survey data and navigate the 3D photographic and dimensional information held within WebShare.

Instant architectural decisions from accurate measurements

Taking accurate measurements from a virtual physical representation of the site means the project team can understand the physical structure of a building and make instant decisions based on the virtual model.

Speed up the design process with a 2D or 3D import

The team can also import the data into 2D CAD or 3D modelling software, speeding up the start of the design process. As well as hosting client data on FARO’s platforms, we can also issue architectural data as a standalone editable file on a local drive.

To find out more about WebShare, click here or contact Iain Tubby, Principal Surveyor on 01493 412806 or email sales@cadesignservices.co.uk.