Laser Surveys & Point Clouds

A Laser Scan Survey is a fast and accurate way of capturing existing building data in 3D

Following our visit to site, we will quickly share the survey data with you as a Point Cloud. We will deliver it directly to your desktops, so you can immediately start working. Meanwhile, our surveyors will create the 3D Revit model to your specification.

Working collaboratively from the outset, our experienced surveyors will hone the survey brief with you. Ensuring you get the information you want in the right format.

We will then capture and promptly deliver accurate project data to your requirements. We will deliver the information to you as 3D models and 2D plans alongside the registered point cloud data file.

Experienced laser scanning surveyors

Whether your survey is for a construction project or property asset record, our skilled surveyors will take a highly accurate 3D laser survey of the existing building and site. Recent examples of such projects include Chelsmford Leisure CentreGoodmayes Hospital, Salisbury Maltings and Gentleman’s Walk in Norwich (pictured below).

We also have surveyors trained to undertake laser surveys of historic buildings to Historic England’s requirements such as Eling Tide Mill.

3d laser surveys point cloud of Gentlemans Walk in Norwich

Point Cloud Surveys

Using the FARO Focus 3D scanner, our surveyors capture the real world environment at a particular point in time. We create a Point Cloud by registering the geometric scan data. The Point Cloud contains fully aligned high quality 360 degree panoramic photographs.

Once registered the survey data may be promptly shared with the client via WebShare. This means you can start work using the data without delay. You will be able to virtually walk around the site or taking check measurements as needed.

Creating a BIM-ready 3D Revit® Model

Using BIM authoring software such as Revit® we will quickly turn the Point Cloud data file into a BIM-ready 3D model of the facility. You can then practically interrogate the model and start working on the developing the architectural designs.

The point cloud data files can also be imported into Autodesk Inventor and used in the design of digital prototypes.

Valuable information – 3D models or 2D drawings

The data deliverables from your laser scan survey can include both 3D models and 2D traditional drawings. As with a traditional survey, we can create your models and plans to varying levels of detail in line with your budget, timescale and specification. This includes creating CGI architectural visuals if you need them.

To avoid unnecessary work, delays and costs it is important to define these deliverables in the survey brief.

Comprehensive service delivery

Our surveyors, using the latest technology, are proficient in capturing and managing the large amounts of data created by the laser scanner. We will provide access to the data via SCENE WebShare while we are preparing the final plans and models. This also means we can phase delivery of the survey information as the project progresses without the need for costly return visits to site.

Good communication

We recognise the importance of developing good lines of communication from the very first point of contact. By understanding the full scope of your project we can provide expert advice. This will result in you receiving the best service and a practical cost-effective output for the project now as well as over the longer term.

If you’d like to discuss your laser survey requirements, please contact Mark Johnson or Iain Tubby on 01493 412806 or email