StoreSpace® Software


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StoreSpace® is a retail planning environment that will help you optimise your retail space.

Software solution for practical problems

StoreSpace® was developed in response to the practical experience of our Retail Planning teams and utilising CADS significant in-house knowledge of the AutoCAD API. StoreSpace® links together your planning information, specs and standards to your store plans using AutoCAD and a web-based portal.

Central secure online database

The system works by adding data tags to equipment blocks and area polygons so that each of your store plans becomes intelligent and links to a single online database via the portal StoreSpaceOnline. By holding all of the data in a central and secure database StoreSpace® can provide quick and efficient floor, fixture and merchandising updates together with space usage and density to assist with the understanding and management of data for single and multiple sites.

Tailored to your individual job requirements

The current StoreSpace® system can be tailored to offer benefits for many job roles within the Store Planning team:

  • Store Planning Manager – an information hub that gives you the ability to view, analyse and report on space and equipment across your store estate.
  • Store Planner – gives you a productive and intuitive integrated planning environment. Using a traffic light system it will help you make the right planning decisions and avoid common mistakes using the fewest number of clicks.
  • Field-based Staff – get access to the latest plans or proposals via the online portal wherever you are. Appropriate user rights can be allocated so that head office can review the entire state while store managers have access limited to their own store.
  • Buyers and Trading Teams – get useful insight into space and category performance for negotiating with suppliers.
  • Fixtures and Equipment Managers – can run detailed equipment take-offs, based on the finalised store plans. Practical information can be extracted for procurement and delivery to new and refurbished stores.
  • Information Systems Managers – built on industry standard architecture and development environments, each StoreSpace® system is developed using professional Agile methods. Working in collaboration with you, we can integrate StoreSpace® into your systems and data structures and adapt it to your current methods of working.
  • Property Director – in addition to managing the space within the store estate, StoreSpace® can provide a hub for other property related data relevant to your business.

A number of UK’s leading retailers, including Asda, Argos, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, House of Fraser, Waitrose and Aurum Holdings are currently using StoreSpace® and we have developed the software to integrate with the way they work.

If you would like to discuss how StoreSpace® can help you optimise your retail space and performance and see a demonstration, please contact Guy or Michael on the contact details at the top of the page.

StoreSpace® is a registered trademark of C A Design Services Ltd.