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Optimise your store layouts and improve performance with StoreSpace®’s intuitive and integrated AutoCAD-based space planning platform.

Creating profitable store layouts requires the meticulous planning of the customer journey understanding the successful positioning of categories to ensure selling space is optimised and customers are satisfied. Whether you are designing new store or remodelling existing ones, StoreSpace® retail space planning software enables you to:

  • maximise selling space and identify opportunities for improving your store layouts;
  • simplify and speed up the planning process;
  • plan your macro space linking directly from your Nielsen planogram software to your AutoCAD .dwg floor plans;
  • view, report and share all information held in your store plans;

Identifying opportunities to improve your store layout

With StoreSpace you can access information from your floor plans, your planograms and your sales data via Nielsen. You can highlight plans to show over and under-performing categories and compare existing plans to an ideal ‘model store’.

With this intelligence you will be able to identify opportunities to improve the performance of your store layouts by rebalancing space and using reporting tools to understand which other stores have the same opportunity for improvement.

Simplifying and speeding up the space planning process

Integral to StoreSpace is our AutoCAD planning toolset that enables your retail planners to work productively directly within AutoCAD .dwg store drawings. Comparing layouts to model stores and other data sets to guide the floor planning process.

By building intelligence directly into your existing AutoCAD block library, floor plans are kept up to date, duplicate data and plans are avoided and reports are based on accurate information. You can save time and costs by working efficiently, removing duplication and building trust in your data.

And if you don’t have AutoCAD licences our StoreSpace Planner licence provides an alternative solution for your floor planning giving you all the functionality of our StoreSpace toolset together with necessary AutoCAD features.

Plan your micro and macro space directly from your .dwg floor plansImage of Nielsen Connected Partner Logo

As a Nielsen Connected Partner we can closely integrate your Nielsen Planogram software suite with StoreSpace, connecting your micro and macro space management data and processes.

By driving the ‘store to planogram’ relationship from with your AutoCAD .dwg files you simply identify fixtures without planograms, validate planograms will fit the allocated fixture and visualise the product adjacency directly from the floor plan.

View, report and share all information held in your store plans

StoreSpace’s online portal stores and reports on all the retail space assets across your estate and is populated directly from AutoCAD.

You can easily view plans, create reports at store, cluster or whole estate levels on a wide range of elements including equipment, areas, categories, planograms and sales versus linear space. You can also share this information with colleagues and access to this information does not require an AutoCAD licence, so can be shared with a variety of stakeholders.

You can also use our StoreView virtual tours as an easy reference to the physical reality reducing the need for costly store visits.

StoreSpace® – Your essential data management tool

By providing a robust reporting system, accurate up to date information and a highly productive planning environment, StoreSpace will enable you to optimise your retail space efficiently and effectively.

A number of UK’s leading retailers, including Asda, Watches of Switzerland Group, Marks and Spencer, Primark, Sainsbury’s, Shell, Waitrose and Well Pharmacy are currently using StoreSpace® and you can read their case studies on our Retail Resources Hub.

Take a virtual tour of an actual store

Photographic records using our StoreView virtual tours, can also be stored for easy reference to the physical reality, reducing the need for costly store visits.

If you’d like to discover more about space planning software StoreSpace®, please contact Guy Moates or Pete Humm on 01493 412806 or email

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