Take a virtual tour of an actual store.

View the external façade, walk through the entrance of your store and up and down the aisles. Consider “before” and “after” changes in branding, formats and layouts in a high quality true to life environment – all from the comfort of your own desk.

What is StoreView®?

StoreView® from C A Design Services is a new interactive web application and communications tool for retail store development teams. It is cost effective to create and very easy to use.

Tailored to the retailer’s requirement, StoreView® enables users to make a virtual tour of an actual store from the comfort their own desk. Viewing options include:

  • an actual store,
  • a virtual 3d model of a store, or
  • an exciting merger of the two, where the actual and proposed views can be interchanged within the model in real-time.

Whether delivered across a whole site, store or within a specific area of a store, StoreView® will facilitate the design review and sign-off process or inform an estate-wide project rollout.
Links can also be embedded within the StoreView® model to demonstrate new signage, layout or format.

The technology

The StoreView®  model is created from an as-built photographic recording of your store. The survey process is totally non-invasive and can be easily undertaken while a store is open with little or no disruption to staff or customers.

The survey data is then collated and processed by our StoreView®  team to create the model with a navigable user interface.

When placed online, the StoreView® model can be viewed from any web enabled device such as PC’s, Macs, tablets and even smartphones.  There are no additional software installation requirements or licensing issues.

Using the base map and arrows you can quickly move around the store and zoom in to see information in clearer detail. You can move around the StoreView® model using a mouse, keyboard or by physically moving the tablet or mobile device.

In fact, a StoreView® is best examined on mobile devices where accelerometer features automatically give users a more engaging 360 degree experience.   The models can also be easily converted to work in conjunction with virtual reality headsets such us Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard if required.

What are the benefits for retailers?

StoreView® brings potential store changes to life by adding clarity and context for the viewer sitting at their desk. It is a valuable communication tool that eliminates the cost and time involved in travelling to a physical location.

StoreView® empowers your team, whatever its size or location, to explore the store in question as well as communicate, demonstrate and review proposed changes. Its ease of access means it is a valuable communication tool for a wide range of internal departments.

Finally, you can integrate and access StoreView® via StoreSpace® and other store planning packages.

If you’d like to discover more about our StoreView application, please contact Guy Moates or Pete Humm on 01493 412806 or email (contact details can also be found at the top of this page).