Retail Store Surveys

retail surveys - in store floor plans and commodities

Capturing and recording accurate information about your store, the layout, its fixtures and fittings

Our experienced survey team will tailor the contents of your retail survey to your project requirements, the desired outcome and your budget. Working throughout the UK and Europe, we will obtain the information you need for any scale of project, whether at a single location or a multitude of sites.

Our surveyors use  both  digital-laser and traditional survey methods as appropriate, and we can deliver your information as 2d CAD plans, 3D models or an interactive StoreView® experience.

Our retail store surveys typically break into four different categories which are:

  1. Architectural retail survey
    A detailed architectural retail survey is normally commissioned when a client has recently purchased a site, or is intending to extensively extend, or alter a site they already own. For this purpose a detailed retail survey is required. From this information the architect will prepare design concepts and working drawings which specify the building work required.
  2. Audit survey for retail
    An audit survey will be commissioned when a client is not totally confident in the accuracy of the existing retail plans that they hold. In this situation an audit retail survey is used to check the accuracy of pre-existing plans and bring them up to date.
  3. Equipment and space survey for retail
    A retail space survey is normally required when a client is seeking to update the equipment, fixtures and commodity information on existing accurate floor plans.
  4. Retail project rollout survey
    As the name suggests, when a retailer wants to roll out an internal or external change across their store portfolio they will commission a Project Rollout Survey.  In this situation a survey is undertaken of a specific area of the store and a site specific proposal for each store is produced.

It is important from both a value for money and quality perspective to be clear when commissioning a survey, what level of detail, accuracy and information is required.

At CADS, we understand this and can quickly work with a client to identify the balancing point between cost and quality. We will create a customer or project specific specification which works and delivers the maximum benefits for the best value for money.

If you’ like to discuss your Retail Store Survey requirements in more detail, please contact Guy Moates or Iain Tubby on 01493 412806 or email (contact details can also be found at the top of this page).