Implementing Retail Range Reviews

Seasonal and periodic retail range reviews are essential tools within the merchandiser’s portfolio to rebalance space, improve the customer experience and maximise store sales.

However it is a huge task to get all the pieces of the Range Review puzzle to fit, and this is where the experienced CADS Retail Space Planning team has developed a very valuable resource offering retailers a comprehensive solution.

Implementing Retail Range Reviews


Developing your Retail Range Review Project Brief

We will work with you to develop your brief to ensure your objectives are clearly defined and understood. Whether you want to:

  • Implement an annual or seasonal range review
  • Gain or maximise shelf capacity for a product or commodity,
  • or analyse flow and commodity range sizes

Once the brief is defined the CADS team will take your space matrix and general planning rules, together with your existing floor plans and work out how to plan the changes within the physical constraints of each individual store.

Our Experienced Retail Planners will Minimise In-Store Disruption

Our teams are trained to understand the knock-on effects in store, of making changes on-plan. They therefore work hard to ensure any changes can be made with minimal disruption in store for customers and staff. Through this complete understanding we can focus on delivering profitable design solutions.

To manage the whole process we appoint a dedicated project leader to be your single point of contact, who will work with you throughout your project.

At the end of the project CADS will provide an the existing and proposed floor plan CAD drawing, with the changes clearly highlighted. This means you can approve the plans efficiently and they can then be distributed to the store merchandising teams for immediate implementation.

If you’d like to discover more about our Retail Services including Retail Range Reviews, please contact Guy Moates or Pete Humm on 01493 412806  or email