GIS Database Integration

A GIS database can be used to combine and interpret data from many different formats including maps, satellite images and CAD drawings. The Geographic Information System allows the creation of a much fuller picture of a situation and can deliver useful and practical reports on the data contained within the system.

Handling rich data types with a GIS database

With a wealth of experience, C A Design Services can create a GIS database giving you the ability to handle rich data types (data stored with their associated coordinates) and apply intelligent rules and relationships to extract spatial information of interest. We can carry out attribute and geometry checks on GIS data, removing slivers and overlaps between features and removing duplicated data.

We can also provide you with the ability to visualise data within a mapping scenario.

Combining an Ordnance Survey map with client information

Examples include taking a base Ordnance Survey map and overlaying client-specific information. We have undertaken a variety of projects such as

  • Creating a GIS database of pylons and utility information for a Fencing and Plant contractor client
  • Creating a housing stock database including rent and facilities within a specific location for a Housing Association.
  • Working for Natural England’s Green Infrastructure Project. We combined regionally collected data about the size and type of green spaces into one database, by standardising attribute sets to make the data more searchable.

Capture, manage and report spatial referenced data

As these examples show a GIS database can be used to capture, manage and report spatial referenced data in a wide variety of situations. All we require is for you to define the circumstances.

If you’d like to discover more about how our GIS and Mapping services can help your business, please contact Mark Johnson or Simon Ruddick on 01493 412806 or email details can also be found at the top of this page).