GIS Data Capture

GIS data capture and the process of incorporating it into a Geographic Information System can be a time consuming and therefore costly exercise.

However, if the process and ultimate requirements are defined correctly at the outset, the information contained within the GIS will have practical use providing commercial value over a long period of time.

Our experience across a wide range of industries really adds value to defining the process and specification and we will work with you to ensure your GIS data capture delivers the commercial value and longevity you are seeking.

Working with pre-existing data

GIS data capture involves either using pre-existing data or the creation of data from scratch. We typically work with pre-existing data including satellite imagery, aerial photography, height models, paper maps, scans, plans and numerous databases.

Data creation

We also undertake GPS Topographical Surveys (link to topographical survey) or Laser Surveys (link to 3D laser scanning surveys) to capture the necessary information for land-based projects.

Our GIS data capture services are platform independent, and we have produced data for use in nearly all available GIS systems.

If you’d like to discover more about how our GIS and Mapping services can help your business, please contact Mark Johnson or Simon Ruddick on 01493 412806 or email details can also be found at the top of this page).