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We help clients create, maintain, update and analyse asset information within a Geographic Information System (GIS), achieving cost and efficiency savings in their asset management.

Our clients can improve their approach to managing their property assets using GIS, by creating an accurate up-to-date geo-spatial mapping record of all external property assets.

This enables them to procure, manage and deliver maintenance services using accurate information.


gis asset mapping services

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Providing expertise to effectively manage GIS asset data capture within a GIS system demands

By defining the ultimate requirements at the outset, the information contained within the GIS asset management system will have practical use providing commercial value over a long period of time. Our experience across a wide range of industries really adds value to defining the process and specification and we will work with you to ensure your GIS data capture delivers the commercial value and longevity you seek.

GIS data capture using pre-existing data

GIS data capture involves either using pre-existing data or the creation of data from scratch. We typically work with pre-existing data including satellite imagery, aerial photography, height models, paper maps, scans, plans and numerous databases.

Asset data collection, verification and validation

We are also unique in offering a site surveying service including GPS Topographical Surveys or Laser Surveys to capture information for land-based projects or physically verify the accuracy of existing records. This can help fill the gaps in existing data, or to provide new measured records.

Our GIS data capture services are platform-independent, and we have produced data for use in nearly all available GIS systems.

Creating Assets Maps from Satellite Imagery

Creating Maps from Satellite Imagery

We have considerable experience of interpreting satellite and aerial imagery and creating mapping products using raster or vector data sets that can be stored in a variety of GIS formats.

Depending on the level of detail you require we can capture physical features such as transport networks, buildings and boundaries both physical and political.

Each feature can be attributed with specific properties, for example, we could create a map of transport and drainage works including the location of culverts and bridges attributed with length, width, material type etc.

As part of the project briefing process, you will define the map’s purpose such as navigation, strategic decisions or analysis so that the Base Map can be created to your exact specification and meet your ultimate requirements.

Creating Geo-Referenced Maps

Geo-referencing is the process of associating images or data with a location so that it can be viewed and analysed in conjunction with other geographic data.

We are experienced in creating highly detailed bespoke maps in a format that has value and longevity. By integrating client specific data we can help you visualise current relationships, patterns and trends which you can then use for analysis and communication.

Our geo-referencing service can also turn historical catalogues of information into a very useful digital format, which can be quickly accessed and easily interrogated.

creating geo-referenced mapping for assets

Land Terrier - private record of your land and property holding

Creating highly detailed land terriers

We have a wealth of experience in creating highly detailed land terriers and bespoke maps. By integrating client specific data we can help you visualise the extent of your property boundaries as well as current relationships, patterns and trends which you can then use for analysis and communication.

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GIS for Grounds Maintenance

As a supply partner under the Fusion21 Grounds Maintenance Framework, we provide clients with the knowledge and support to take control of their geo-spatial data.

We create, capture and manage accurate asset-based data records for housing associations, educational institutions and local authorities. This helps them to achieve cost and efficiency savings in their Grounds Maintenance operations.

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GIS mapping services for Grounds Maintenance Contractors

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Creating and Cleansing GIS Data for Natural England

Creating and Cleansing GIS Data for Natural England

Over the years we have created and cleansed various datasets for Natural England providing up-to-date, accurate and useful information on which decisions and policies can be made.

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Geo-referencing Local Authority Maps

Geo-referencing Local Authority Maps

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) expert was asked by our client on behalf of a Local Authority to create geo-referenced maps from scanned images of historical paper-based Ordnance Survey maps, some of which had no coordinates.

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Geo-referencing Historic Tithe Maps for West Yorkshire Archive Service

Geo-referencing Historic Tithe Maps for West Yorkshire Archive Service

C A Design Services was appointed by West Yorkshire Archive Service to undertake georeferencing of historic tithe maps for use in Leeds “Tracks in Time” project.

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