GIS and Asset Information

GIS and Asset Information

We help clients create, maintain, update and analyse asset-based information within a Geographic Information System (GIS), achieving cost and efficiency savings in their asset management.

Our clients can improve their approach to managing their property assets using GIS, by creating an accurate up-to-date geo-spatial mapping record of all external property assets. This enables them to procure, manage and deliver maintenance services using accurate information.

Data Verification, Validation and Collection

We use a variety of methods for capturing the GIS Information. These include GIS desktop studies using Ordnance Survey MasterMap, open sources and other client supplied material including historic maps, charts and satellite images. We are unique in offering a site surveying service to physically verify the accuracy of existing records. This can help fill gaps in existing data, or to provide new measured records.

Creating highly detailed land terriers and bespoke maps

We have a wealth of experience in creating highly detailed land terriers and bespoke maps. By integrating client specific data we can help you visualise  the extent of your property boundries as well as current relationships, patterns and trends which you can then use for analysis and communication.

Geo-referencing provides easy access to historical information

We can also help you improve your efficiency with our geo-referencing service. This turns a historical catalogue of information into a very useful digital format, which can be quickly accessed and easily interrogated.

If you’d like to discover more about how our GIS and Asset Information services can help your business, please contact Mark Johnson or Simon Ruddick on 01493 412806 or email