CAD Services

As our name suggests, we deliver a comprehensive range of quality CAD services (Computer Aided Design). We tailor our services to your specific requirements. Offering a professional, flexible UK resource we are ready and able when you need to call on us.

We will create CAD drawings from your marked-up plans, sketches or original paper documents. Depending on how you prefer to work, we can either provide a quote or charge by the hour.

When we have completed your project we will give you with a professional CAD drawing package. You can easily store the new digital CAD plan and search it for required information when needed. This means the original documents can be archived.

CAD Services include Updating Old CAD Plans 

Our technicians will measure from the original drawing, translating the required information using a 1:1 scale in to a professionally presented digital CAD plan, which can be branded if required.

The output is an editable digital drawing .dwg file to which amendments can be made. This plan can then be used as an accurate scaled plan from which measurements can be taken. We draft the plan in a well-structured drawing environment using viewports and layers to control and manage the visible output.

Drawing Conversion

We can also update plans, vectorise images or convert paper plans to CAD or from 2D to 3D following professional layering standards, with the additional quality assurance that our ISO 9001 certification delivers.

Space Planning

Whether you are seeking on-going space planning support, an additional resource for a specific project or ‘all hands on deck’ for a particularly intensive part of a development programme, we have the skills and ability to be your space planning partner.

We work on either a fixed cost or hourly rate depending on the project. Our minimum charge is £500 and we will agree a specification and provide you with a quote before starting work.

If you’d like to discover more about the full range of CAD Services offered by C A Design Services, please contact Mark Johnson on 01493 412806 or email (contact details can also be found at the top of this page).