Planned Maintenance Programme

Photo showing a commercial building to be reassessed for insurance purposes

Planned maintenance programmes are an integral part of an asset management strategy. These allow the building owner to strategically plan the expenditure and finance necessary to maintain the condition and value of their property.

Avoiding a financial ‘shock’ and business disruption

Planned work not only avoids the financial ‘shock’ and disruption to businesses, organisations and individuals. It can also protect against have repercussions which often arise beyond the actual cost of the reactive emergency repairs. Neglect of preventative maintenance may also compromise the Health and Safety of building occupants.

A Structured Approach to Property Maintenance

CADS Building Surveyors’ structured approach to your future property maintenance, will both enhance the property’s value and achieve cost effectiveness over a specified length of time.

A comprehensive condition report and priority actions

If commissioned, we will provide a comprehensive report that identifies the current condition. We will prioritise preventative repair and maintenance actions in relation to the anticipated life cycle of the building components and the life of the programme. The programme lifespan is typically 5 years but can be set to suit the individual needs of each client. Individual or a portfolio of properties may be included.

If you would like any Building Consultancy advice or need a Planned Maintenance Programme, please contact Mark Johnson or Robin Thorp on 01493 412806 or email (contact details can also be found at the top of this page).