Construction Project Monitoring

Project Monitoring services tend to be commissioned by a client who is acquiring a property upon it’s completion under an agreement; or alternatively has an investment interest in the property.

construction project during the build phase

Monitoring services tailored to your project

CADS Building Surveyors will tailor their Project Monitoring service to suit your individual circumstances but may typically encompass:

  • Undertake site inspections on a predetermined timescale to monitor quality, progress and adherence to the specification and drawings;
  • Preparing and issuing to the client reports following site inspections;
  • Assessing the value of work carried out and advising the client on the level of payments that may be certified where interim funding/payments are part of the agreement;
  • Managing client changes and advising on consequences of such amendments;
  • Undertaking a detailed quality check prior to handover and issuing defect snagging lists to the developer/contractor;
  • Checking statutory and other applicable documentation is in place and handed over to the client where required.

Where applicable our Surveyors may undertake a visit at the end of the defects liability period and advise the client on any matters which need to be rectified.

If you would like any Building Consultancy advice or are interested in construction project monitoring services, please contact Mark Johnson or Robin Thorp on 01493 412806 or email (contact details can also be found at the top of this page).