3D Visuals


Creating 3D product images

We provide a range of 3D Visualisation Services, create accurate 3D product images and animations to help you demonstrate your products to customers and suppliers.

You can use these high quality 3D visuals in your own marketing materials. We create our these images using Revit, CAD or 3DS Max.

How you can use our high quality 3D product images

  • We create engaging and informative visuals to help you sell your product. You can use them in brochures, on your website and at exhibitions.
  • Where your product features and benefits are difficult to explain we will create a virtual demonstration model that does it for you.
  • We can also bring your product to life in an interactive context. Users can orbit round the product, customise its features ready to place an order. These interactive experiences can be hosted on your website or made available on an exhibition stand.
  • We make it quick and simple for architects and landscape designers to utilise your products in their scheme. By providing superior intelligent models during the design process, you will increase your chances of being the favoured supplier when the design becomes reality.
  • With the BIM revolution firmly gaining pace it is essential for many companies to become BIM compatible. CADS 3D Studio will turn your products into BIM compatible Revit models which are industry ready.
  • We also provide fully compatible 3D models of products as required by manufacturers prior to production.
  • We can enable your customers to virtually modify your products using interactive tools embedded on your website as an aspirational concept or a pre-requisite to place order.

Why choose CADS 3D visualisation team

CADS 3D Studio will create your product images in a 3D format, giving you a cost effective option for using them in other contexts such as 3D visuals for a marketing brochure or a product video demonstration for your website or exhibition. Our expertise in multiple fields makes us an ideal provider of this type of content.

We work on either a fixed cost or hourly rate depending on the project. Our minimum charge is £500 and we will agree a specification and provide you with a quote before starting work.

If you would like to find out more about our 3D visualisation services, please view the case studies in the side bar, or get in touch with Guy Moates. His contact details are at the top of the page.