3D Animation

Video - Creating an HSE Video for Iceni Marine Services
Video - 3D Product Animation - EsiDock
Video - 3D Product Animation - EsiDock

What we do

CADS 3D animation studio provides 3D animation services for a wide range of industries. We help companies communicate complicated or essential messages in a simple and effective manner. We have experience of working with bespoke and intricate products and systems.

How you can use our 3D animation services

  • Our animations provide a cost effective solution for demonstrating your products, or communicating complicated messages.
  • We section all animations so that we can quickly and cost effectively update them when a regulation changes, negating the cost of a total reshoot.
  • These videos are particularly useful for demonstrating difficult and dangerous situations such as transferring from boats to oil rigs at sea.
  • By utilising a video with a custom voiceover, we can cost effectively produce your health and safety video in multiple languages, again which can be quickly updated when required.

Why choose CADS 3D Animation Studio

CADS 3D Studio produces every one of 3D animations in house. We have created a studio with the right people and the right tools, software and creative techniques. This enables us to give all the right care and attention to every step of the process.

We work on either a fixed cost or hourly rate depending on the project. Our minimum charge is £500 and we will agree a specification and provide you with a quote before starting work.

If you would like to find out more creating a 3D animation for your business, please get in touch with Guy Moates. His contact details are at the top of the page.