Site survey delivered as GIS map for Grounds Maintenance

What is GIS and how can it be used for Grounds Maintenance Contracts?

A Geographic Information System, commonly referred to as GIS, is the collaborative technology used for creating, collating, analysing and managing location-based information. But how can the information be used by Grounds Maintenance Contractors?

Accurate Geo-Spatial Record of Assets

The GIS environment uses maps as the graphic basis on which relevant features are embedded into data layers and linked to specified information about those features held within a database. Most asset information such as asset locations, land use or property boundaries has a geographic component which can be tagged in this way. The data can then be interrogated or styled to reveal valuable insights, patterns, trends, and relationships that can inform smarter decision-making.

The definition of the data layers is normally specified by the client depending on their data requirements.

Benefits of GIS for Grounds Maintenance Contracts

By integrating dimensionally accurate maps, images and other datasets in a GIS, those working in Grounds Maintenance can extract and analyse accurate information about their property assets to:

  • Ensure value for money and the ability to easily compare tender submissions by providing accurate measured information for grounds maintenance tenders for individual features (eg grass cutting or window cleaning), sites or a whole estate.
  • Identifying maintenance responsibilities at specific locations or groups of locations
  • Calculate drive times from depots to sites
  • Improve communication and understanding using map-based graphics
  • Understanding of interrelated datasets by viewing multiple layers of information

Saving 20% on a Grounds Maintenance Contract

Ultimately GIS can help Housing Associations, Educational Institutions and Local Authorities achieve cost and efficiency savings in their Grounds Maintenance Programmes, by providing a central source of accurate asset-based data records. For example, since implementing GIS in 2012 one Housing Association has reported savings of 20% on their Grounds Maintenance contract.

Creating a collaborative environment with clear map-based graphics, the data can be quickly accessed by all stakeholders via a web portal and updated by authorised users using the intuitive software interface.


For Operations Teams, the use of GIS software and datasets for Grounds Maintenance provides an opportunity to reduce errors, deliver efficiency savings whilst also improving service. To discover more about how we can help you take control of your geo-spatial data, please visit the GIS for Grounds Maintenance section of this website.


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