Is the survey price you see really offering the best value?

You may require a number of different survey types during the lifecycle of a building. Surveys are too often purchased on price and not value.

The Land Registration Act of 2002 set out new requirements on how title and lease plans should be presented and what information they should contain. A compliant survey can be purchased on the internet for as little as £100.

Does this really represent good value to the owner of a commercial property? An individual or business may require a number of different surveys to be undertaken during the lifecycle of the building, and like many things surveys are too often purchased on price and not value.

To answer this question you need to understand the value of the information that can be gained by commissioning an accurate survey at an early stage. You also need to consider the usefulness of your survey for the lifecycle of the building, not just for a single purpose such as conveyancing.

Preparing an accurate representation of the building, the land it sits on and it’s context, may cost more than purchasing a lease plan from the internet, but by doing so you are actually creating a permanent digital record. This record can be added to and used again and again, saving you money over the longer term.

By creating an accurate digital drawing file you are also creating a central repository for storing vital information about the building. This can used by solicitors, tenants, facilities management, energy assessors, building surveyors, letting agents, architects, health and safety advisors and maintenance engineers.

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