Construction Data | What is the value of accurate Survey data?

Construction Data – What Is The Value Of Accuracy?

The Value of Survey Data Accuracy?

When planning your construction projects, land and building surveys may not be at the top of your priority list, but have you stopped to consider the potential impact of using inaccurate data?

Inaccuracies and poor quality information can be responsible for wrong decisions, reworking, waste, rising costs, poor quality and customer dissatisfaction. While it is difficult to identify all of the potential costs associated with using inaccurate data, you can be sure that in construction they will be significant.

The point of undertaking any measured survey is to obtain an accurate record at a defined moment in time. This provides the base information that will be used to confidently plan, design, construct and manage the downstream activities throughout the life-cycle of the building.

So why are most surveys commissioned on the cheapest price rather than the quality of the data?

In our digital age, data is the foundation of all information. Knowledge and money spent on creating quality data can dramatically reduce the risk of additional downstream costs from ever being incurred.

Perhaps the real value of a survey should now be assessed by considering the potential implications and risks to the project from using inaccurate data?

Over the next ten years the industry will find itself under numerous external pressures to become more efficient and customer focused. We must therefore adopt technological innovations and new working practices.

As new methodologies such as BIM become more widely adopted the need for high-quality accurate survey data will increase and perhaps its true value will be realised.

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