Instore Space Compliance

In-store Space Compliance allows customers to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds (possibly millions) per year re-planning their stores. This process is required to match models, update ranging and/or pilots which have been proven to improve customer experience and profitability.

Whilst this is a critical business objective, nearly all of our customers can have this great work undone in a second due to poor in-store compliance at the shelf edge.

There are many reasons why instore space compliance can go wrong and they are all avoidable:

  • Plan is incorrect (e.g. fixture is not there / wrong size)
  • Fixture is incorrect (e.g. missing shelf)
  • Member of staff incorrectly reads the plan / planogram
  • Store Manager thinks they know best and decides not to do it as planned

So how can C A Design Services help? 

We have the answer and we are already delivering the solution as part of our StoreSpace® software to our major clients.  The key is to provide plan access at store level, promote 360 degree feedback and update requests and to provide changes that can be made at a ‘click’ of a button.

If you’d like to discover more about the full Retail Services offered by C A Design Services, please contact Guy Moates or Pete Humm on 01493 412806 or email