What to do with our empty high streets?

C A Design Services Sales Director Guy Moates looks at the steady decline of the high street and asks “Is it time for some dramatic new thinking?”

Empty High Streets are appearing more and more. The recent British Retail Consortium (BRC) report on empty high streets unit is quite worrying, especially as we’re now heading into peak retail trading time.

No one has really come up with a definitive answer to this problem. Landlords want long-term tenants; existing tenants do not want competition opening up on their doorsteps ‘on the cheap’; while local authorities and shoppers want a vibrant and diverse high street that is not just full of bookmakers, phone shops, convenience stores and charity shops (as important as all these are!).

Mary Portas has offered her thoughts, as have many others, but is it time now for some dramatic new thinking?

Perhaps it is time to welcome some new entrants to the high street?  Healthcare, dentists, veterinary clinics, pet minding services, pick-up points for items ordered online, local authority frontline services may represent the future where the high street reinvents itself as a product and service location to go to.

If the high street is to compete with the Internet it must maximise it’s unique selling proposition, focusing on the people and places element of the traditional marketing mix – this is where I believe the future will lie.

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