Lifting Equipment Engineers Assoc

Project deliverable:

Interactive Training Tools

C A Design Services creates online interactive training tools for LEEA

The global trade association for the lifting industry approached C A Design Services in 2015 to create an extensive suite of online and interactive training tools.

LEEA represents over 900 members in almost 60 countries worldwide who work in every aspect of the design, manufacture, repair and operation of lifting equipment including its hire, maintenance and safe use.

LEEA also provides training for its members in equipment health and safety inspection via a document based online training programme. All equipment must comply with British, European, ISO, ASME & DIN standards.

Following research the LEEA appointed CADS as their preferred supplier for 3d visualisation. LEEA was particularly interested in enhancing the quality and accessibility of its training online as well as for its class-based instructors and the case studies on the CADS website showed LEEA what was really possible.

A valuable interactive 3D resource

Following open discussions with LEEA, CADS proposed a completely tailored training solution that would enable LEEA to communicate effectively with its entire client base, wherever they were based.

Using the latest 3ds Max and Unity software CADS has created the training tools from the actual equipment the LEEA members will be inspecting such as lever hoists, runway beams and shackles. The tools include a mixture of standalone high resolution images, 3D models shown rotating in a short video to demonstrate the assembly process, as well as interactive files that the instructors can adjust to more closely inspect the equipment.

CADS will also deliver a single interactive application which houses all of the 3D models, images and videos enabling the user to navigate around all of the training material as they wish.

This resource supports all of the LEEA’s written material which puts the flesh on the bones.

What the client said

“We chose C A Design Services because of their skill in creating high quality images and animations. They are also able to simplify complex problems, which means we have been able to create an interactive experience for our members that will revolutionise their training experience.

Through their willingness to understand the world we operate in and clear ability to be truly innovative in their approach they have delivered an outstanding solution that we are proud to share with our members”

Giles Shaw, LEEA Project Manager

“Working with Giles and the team at LEEA has been a pleasure right from the initial meet up. LEEA’s desire to provide world class training materials has given us the ability to push the boundaries and deliver crafted solutions that would have otherwise been rushed and less customised. We are excited about the future opportunities of working with LEEA as they look to further improve and expand their range of training courses.”

CADS Project Manager

If you’d like to discover more about CADS 3D Visualisation Services, please contact Guy Moates on 01493 412806 or email