Measured Building Survey for Historic Mill’s Lottery Funding Application

Project deliverable:


Historic measured building survey for Heritage Lottery funding

C A Design Services was approached by Eling Tide Mill to carry out a measured building survey of this unique working tidal mill and surrounding area. The survey drawings were required to secure funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to maintain the existing building, extend the heritage centre as well as adding a learning centre and cafe.

During the initial site visit it was instantly apparent that a traditional survey was not going to be sufficient to capture the level of detail required. In light of this we decided to use our laser scanner to capture the sites’ intricate details and draw it up from the point cloud model. The output was 2D CAD plans for the client.

High level detail captured and delivered as a point cloud

By using the laser scanners for this job it enabled us to capture a higher level of detail compared to a traditional survey, which in this situation would have been almost impossible given the condition of the mill as well as the intricate nature of the site.

By creating the point cloud and drawings from the 2D plans we were able to deliver the project to the specification required, furthermore the client now has an ‘as- existing’ point cloud model of the mill which can be used and referred to.

Heritage Lottery Funding Secured

The client successfully secured the necessary funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable them to start planning the learning centre and cafe.

“I would personally like to thank-you for your work and assistance in helping us secure this lottery funding. Your accurate measured survey and drawings have been essential in developing our schemes.”

Fiona Skeats, Senior Building Surveyor (Special Projects)

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