Technical CAD drawings for multi site cash machine planning applications

Project deliverable:

CAD Drawing Resource

Project history: CAD drawing resource for one of UK’s largest ATM networks

NoteMachine, a cash machine operator across Europe, has one of the largest ATM networks in the UK, working with clients ranging from blue chip organisations to supermarket chains, leisure venues and convenience stores.

The challenge: CAD plans for cash machine planning applications

NoteMachine approached our CAD drawing division to assist with their planning applications for cash machines. They required a CAD drawing for each of the proposed sites where their ATMs would be located. The type of buildings into which the machines were to be installed varied for each application, as well as the monthly volume of drawings NoteMachine would be submitting.

Our approach: A systematic process for accurate CAD drawings

The details of the ATM sites were sent to us in the form of photos and commentary which required technical interpretation by the Drawing team. An elevation and plan drawing needed to be submitted with every ATM planning application, as well as the specification of the structure into which the machine would be installed (i.e. composite wall, brick wall or glass panels). The building types varied from modern convenience stores to listed buildings with intricate designs. A system was put in place to accommodate the varying volume of workload each month and factored in the resource and time allocation required to meet the prompt deadlines.

The outcome: A different set of technical CAD plans for many locations

“This project was interesting to undertake because the level of information received and the complexity of the elevations meant that every location drawn was different. The team was able to use creative flair to make the elevations as close to the photos as possible, whilst still maintaining the technical needs of the drawings.”

Jo Lodge – Senior Project Leader, C A Design Services


What the client said …

“C A Design Services provided a quick turnaround on drawings which is essential for our targets. The work they produced was of a high standard and always correct. The team are very professional, helpful and good on short notice requests.”

Janet Clark – Legal & Planning Coordinator, NoteMachine

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