Video - Asda adopts StoreView 360 degree virtual tours

StoreView® virtual tours improve Asda’s store design process

Project deliverable:

360 Virtual Tour of a Store

Virtual tours improve communication and saves money in design process

Since 2010, supermarket chain ASDA has been using StoreSpace®, C A Design Services’ (CADS) retail planning software that helps companies optimise their retail space by linking together planning information, space hierarchy and AutoCAD drawings to a web-based reporting portal.

Following the success of StoreSpace, ASDA has subsequently adopted CADS’ complementary 360 virtual tours and data hosting service StoreView® to assist with their store investment programme design review and sign-off process.

Cost effective stakeholder approval of store development programme

As ASDA invests in its store estate, various internal and external stakeholders need to review a store and its contents as part of the design review process. Equipment types need to be identified, along with store layouts, access arrangements and existing equipment conditions. The challenge was to find an easy way to reduce costs by avoiding store visits and sharing information easily with the project team and other ASDA colleagues.

Evaluating benefits and ROI of StoreView implementation

CADS had a comprehensive understanding of the retailer’s requirements so recommended trialling the virtual visits as part of their design review process to assess the return on investment and benefits of the service.

StoreView models were created using specialist equipment in-store by CADS’ survey department. Each virtual tour was linked back to a CAD plan of that store and made accessible to staff through a standard web browser using ASDA’s existing StoreSpace cloud platform.

Before and after virtual visits of Asda’s annual store development programme

Since 2018 ASDA has used StoreView as an integral part of its on-going annual store development programme. CADS create StoreView models of each store involved delivered online within a six-week period. Asda also commissions a second visit to each store to allow dynamic switching between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ refurbishment time points.  This allowed the Store Planning team to assess the impact of their investments by reviewing the pre-refurbishment images in tandem with a live walk-through of the updated store.

“Being Web-based, ASDA will be able to share the ‘wow’ factor of each store’s refresh as the work was completed, to both colleagues in store and at ASDA House.”

Guy Moates, Director at C A Design Services

What the client said …

“When C A Design Services suggested using their StoreView 3D virtual store tours we could immediately see an opportunity to both save money and enhance our store planning process. The tool allows us to review customer journeys, layouts, branding and other physical aspects of our stores remotely from our desktops, reducing the need for multiple team members to visit sites. StoreView brings our stores to life, and with these superior visuals we can now make more informed decisions during our scheme approval meetings, saving costs on unnecessary work as well as time visiting site”

Ian Brackenbury, Senior Manager – Store Planning at ASDA

If you’d like to find out more about StoreView® please contact Guy Moates or Pete Humm on 01493 412806 or email