Lincoln Central Market Model

Building a 3D Revit Model of Lincoln Central Market

Project deliverable:

LoD 3 3d Revit model of Lincoln's historic Central Market Building

Last year, City of Lincoln Council began planning a project to refurbish the Central Market building to enhance the layout for market stall workers and customers. CADS was approached by John Roberts Architects Limited to build a LoD 3 3D Revit model from existing Point Cloud data of the Central Market Building. The model of the Grade II Listed historic building was delivered within a week of receiving the Point Cloud data.

Historic Market Building in need of Refurbishment

The client required a LoD 3D Revit Model to be built from existing point cloud data of the Lincoln Central Market building to be used by the design team for the refurbishment project, to make the building suitable for use today.

The Central Market is a Grade II listed single storey building measuring approx 1,500m2. It has a large-glazed roof supported by steel lattice trusses and circa 405msq GEA hall with toilets to the rear. It was constructed in 1938, replacing the former Butter Market sited at St Peter’s Arches since 1736. The historic building has many interesting architectural features that had been scanned in greater detail and required a skilled surveyor to build the intricate 3D model.

LoD 3 3D Revit model for historic market building

Image: Lincoln City Council

Experienced Surveyor Required for Complex 3D Model of Historic Building

In December 2020, funding was secured from Historic England’s High Street Heritage Action Zone. This meant that initial design work could begin. John Roberts Architects Limited contacted CADS in February to supply modelling services for the project. The architects provided the point cloud data, which our surveyors used to build the highly accurate 3D model and delivered it back to the client within one week.

3D model of Lincoln Central Market

Accurate 3D Model Produced Quickly for the Client

The accurate 3D model enabled the client to gain a better understanding of the Central Market including taking measurements for verification. As refurbishment works commence during 2021, the Revit model will be an integral part of the construction process to ensure costly delays are avoided and the market can reopen quickly to the public.

“The Lincoln Central Market project was our first experience of using CADS, we were delighted with how efficiently they transformed our point cloud survey into a revit model of the Grade II Listed Market building. Their assistance has helped us massively in enabling us to concentrate on building our revit model for the proposed alterations and extensions to the building. We would not hesitate in using their very capable services again.”

Paul Ponwaye, John Roberts Architects Limited.

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