Space Planning and Floor Plans for Queens Road School

Project deliverable:

Education Space Planning

Edinburgh Primary School, Queens Road is a primary school for Key Stages 1 & 2 with an additional Adult Education Centre on the second floor. The new building on Queens Road in Walthamstow replaced the original primary school on Edinburgh Road. The project included a level of complexity as the Adult Education Centre had to be kept independent of the primary education space.

The facilities incorporate a primary school for 630 pupils, a refurbished nursery block, an adult education facility for 200 learners, and sports and main hall facilities available for use by the school and the local community.

The initial challenge for CADS Space Planning team was to simplify the school space plans and layouts. CADS modified the standard Bouygues UK database for this project to suit the departments and rooms in this new school.

By drawing on the experience of CADS Space Planners, the Bouygues team was able to focus on the design and construction process, delivering on time and on budget.

The rooms were planned by the architects who supplied 1:200 drawing files and pre-loaded equipment drawings to CADS. From a spreadsheet supplied by BYUK, CADS added the fixed furniture to the plan using CodeBook to create an accurate schedule of components. There was a large amount of bespoke furniture in the school and CAD drawings of these were also supplied for CADS to add to the Elevated C-sheets.

The M&E contractors supplied separate heating, fire, security and power drawings which were collated together on the equipment drawing and any clashes were identified. Elevated C-sheets were then created with all the fixed items dimensioned on the walls to aid the contractors on site during the construction process.

Our expertise in making the most efficient use of educational space and in optimising classroom layouts ensured that the project was delivered accurately and without compromise, adding value to the output of both Bouygues UK and HLM Architects.

“CADS has supported BYUK on a number of projects and has always been responsive to our project requirements. We would also recommend CADS as a service provider to architects when the need for supplementary resources arises.

CADS gained specific knowledge of the CodeBook database system through their work on healthcare projects – this helped to develop a similar kind of database linked to 2D drawings for Bouygues in the education sector.”

Colin Westpfel,
Design Lead – Production, Bouygues UK

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