Care Provider

Project deliverable:

Space Planning

Acting on behalf of a well-established domiciliary care and support provider in the North West, the specialist healthcare team at CADS was set the challenge of designing a new dual-purpose head office and day care facility; enabling the business to continue to grow effectively over the coming years.

Our client had already identified a potential new base in the form of a derelict coach house on the outskirts of a new-build commercial estate. In order to raise the necessary funding for the project, a detailed space investigation was required which would enable them to consider the capacity for clerical, and care, facilities that could potentially form part of the building.

With a varied range of deliverables to support our client’s internal debate and stakeholders presentations, the team rapidly turned around this particular project.

Our core document pack included loaded plans, elevations, individual equipment C-Sheets for each of the main rooms, alongside a detailed proposal for the courtyard.

Our Process

From the outset we knew that a site visit was essential in order to gain a clear understanding of the location and potential of the space on offer. During this time the team collected a range of visual records and survey data. This initial set of plans, formed the basis for an initial block plan and feasibility study.

Combining the in-depth site studies with government guidance, the ground floor was developed into a flexible day care space that provided attendees with safe environments in which to relax. Capacity was also identified for small businesses to rent space for hairdressing, chiropody and other treatments; potentially supplementing income for the client and adding extra value for visitors.

Additionally, a secure courtyard garden was designed using the latest research and guidelines for elderly care facilities. The design considerations of this outside space included creating seasonal interest with trees, shrubs, and the use of aromatic plants that are close to path and seating areas to provide sensory stimulation for the visually impaired.

The clerical space on the first floor was accessed from the reception via a dramatic staircase to an open gallery; ensuring a clear distinction between the different functions within the building.

Key spatial requirements included the provision of a dedicated Director’s Office with breakout space; an open-plan Administration Office; a Records Office to comply with data regulations; and a purpose built Training Room.

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