StoreView® Retail Design Virtual Tour Brings Concepts to Life

Project deliverable:


Retail Design Virtual Tour – Bringing Concepts to Life

Shortlisted for the Innovation Trail at the Retail Design Expo in 2017, the Prosper StoreView® Retail Design Virtual Tour is an example of how we can create a model shop for retail clients.

StoreView® is a web-based application that brings design concepts to life by adding clarity and context. It empowers retailers to explore the design concept within the store in question and enable store development teams to make important decisions instantly wherever they are located. The model can be used to discuss and review ideas on layout, branding and other property related aspects of retail.

By combining actual, virtual and augmented reality, changes in the store environment including branding and signage can be clearly shown and reviewed, giving viewers a real feel for the potential impact of these changes.

This example shows how you can associate information with elements within the model – whether it is detail about whats on the shelves, or what pieces of equipment have been used, or how many sections within an aisle.

This design and management tool is cost effective to create and eliminates the cost and time involved in travelling to a physical location. It enables a wider audience to view the latest design concepts, store openings or refurbishments.

If you would like to find out more about StoreView® please contact Guy Moates on 01493 412806