Managing Property Asset Information For Nationwide Building Society

Project deliverable:

SpaceStation® / Managing Property Asset Information

Accurately managing large-scale property asset information

Nationwide Building Society (NBS) is now the world’s largest mutual financial institution, the UK’s third largest mortgage lender, and one of the UK’s largest savings providers. NBS has over 680 branches and 20 Admin Centres around the country and their head office is in Swindon.

As the property portfolio has grown and been refurbished, keeping accurate records of the property asset management information has presented quite a challenge. In 2011 C A Design Services was commissioned by NBS’ Property & Corporate Services Department to bring together the space data for all branches and admin areas into a single system. This system needed to be easily updated and aspects of the company’s property portfolio reported on for facility management purposes.

Managing data and drawings during the refurbishment programme

The business is also undertaking a lengthy refresh and refurbishment programme in both the branches and the admin centres, including a shift to an open-plan environment at some of their Swindon offices.

The change in office format has allowed NBS to apply their flexible working ethos, as well as introduce collaborative working areas for employees and identify space-saving opportunities in the building. Amending the NBS drawings and database to reflect these changes is an ongoing task for the CADS Drawing team whilst the refurbishment programme is underway.

SpaceStation® asset database linking to master CAD drawings

To address these issues, CADS delivered the SpaceStation® asset database for NBS, which contains all the relevant details of the property portfolio and is directly linked to the master CAD drawings. This enables the Facility Management team to take decisions and provide information when required.

Each building within the NBS estate now has its AutoCAD record linked to the SpaceStationOnline database. SpaceStation® in turn feeds into a central system hub of FM data providing an integrated repository for all branch and admin site related information. Data can be accessed by the relevant people within the organisation when they need information quickly e.g. to see what the different branches look like and what facilities they contain.

CADS provides space planning resource

CADS also provides a space planning resource for NBS, supplying bespoke reports from the database when required and swiftly answering queries from various departments within Nationwide on request. These include requests for total usable areas of admin centres or how many counters are in a selection of branches. This has all led to a very dynamic relationship between NBS and CADS. With any major refurbishment of office buildings, feasibility drawings are essential. CADS has also been asked by Nationwide to complete feasibility layouts.

Transforming the way we capture, manage and exploit our drawing database

“C A Design Services has transformed the way in which we capture, manage and exploit our drawing database. We have streamlined processes that were once time consuming and adding no value so that we can now work with outputs rather than spending all our time trying to input. A professional organisation that has a real ‘can do’ attitude and the relationship built to date has far exceeded my expectations. We have managed to bring C A Design Services into our business and they now have a working relationship with other departments and areas who are all very complimentary on the service delivered.”

Gurmeet Grewal, Property Business Systems Manager, Nationwide Building Society

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