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StoreSpace® Software Development

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Project History

As part of integrating SAP within Aurum Holdings, the linear space and on-going change within each branch needed to be accurately captured and managed. Aurum Holdings approached C A Design Services for an effective way to link the data held and managed with AutoCAD to a centralised database.

The Challenge

It was established early on within the project process that there was not a complete set of accurate plans available for any space planning software to use. We therefore included within our proposal various options for a complete survey of each Aurum site in the UK. Options included both 2D and 3D surveys using traditional and laser scanning techniques. We agreed on a 3D survey, 2D deliverables, a web-based reporting engine and automated links to SAP via secure web services. Store versioning is also supported allowing for seasonal changes to each store to be delivered in a single process.

Our Approach

A team of surveyors using 3D laser scanners surveyed all 154 stores in the UK in a 15 week period. Each store also had a questionnaire completed using iPad technology to capture information and photographs for each site.

A new AutoCAD plan was created identifying all unitary, POS, poster sites and sizes. The collected store information was then added to the database via the AutoCAD plan. The entire project has delivered an integrated space and planning system complete with a property data portal and accurate details for each Aurum site, accomplished within a six month period order completion.

What the client said...

“It was quite clear to us as part of integrating SAP into our business processes that this needed to include a reliable and accurate feed of space into the system. We knew of C A Design Services who gave us the confidence from an early stage that they had the right experience and software to help us achieve our goals.

Their StoreSpace® software directly feeds the SAP database from our CAD drawings of each branch. StoreSpace® proved to be flexible enough to accommodate the way we plan our stores (linear, by season, by brand) and deliver productivity improvements from a planning perspective. Another key factor in choosing C A Design was their turnkey approach in being able to undertake all the surveys in-house too.

The innovative approach of capturing each site in full 3D is very exciting and provides us with a rich data set for use both with StoreSpace® and as a technology platform we can build on in the future.”

Tim Bennett
Head of Store Planning, Aurum

If you’d like to discover more about StoreSpace®, please contact Guy Moates or Pete Humm on 01493 412806 or email