Green-Tech 3D Visualisation

Green-Tech Knaresborough, UK 2013

Project History

Green-Tech’s Mona Plantsava™ is a revolutionary irrigation system used in a variety of internal and external planting applications and landscaping projects.

In 2013 following the earlier production of static brochure visuals, Green-Tech commissioned CADS 3D Studio to create a step by step video of the Plantsava™ irrigation system.

The Challenge

The 3D animation needed to communicate a complex message that covered both the instillation process and demonstrated how the system works underground.

By using cutting edge 3D visualisation technology CADS 3D Studio was able to create a realistic animation that communicated the products
features and benefits.

This solution was more cost effective and less time consuming that alternative options such as photography and studio set ups.

In addition Green-Tech has realised additional the benefits in cost and time savings from being able to update the videos for new scenarios and product updates.

They have also been able to take very high quality static and moving images for use across a range of marketing materials including, brochures, websites and even exhibition stands.

What the client said...

“We are delighted with the 3d visuals and animations that the CADS 3d team have created for us to demonstrate our Mona Plantsava™ irrigation system.

We have uploaded the animation to our website for viewers to watch, getting a very clear understanding of how our system works. The CADS 3D team quickly understood what we wanted to communicate and we loved the ideas they proposed to us. The animation has meant we can clearly communicate a few challenging messages to potential customers and update these cost effectively if situations change.

The added benefit of using still images from the video for various marketing materials such as brochures and exhibitions stands has meant we have got significant value from our initial investment.”

Barry Browne
Greentech’s Technical Development Manager