Image of 3D Model created for Shell UK by C A Design Services
Image of 3D Model created for Shell UK by C A Design Services
Image of 3D Model created for Shell UK by C A Design Services
Image of Shell UK's Leman Bravo platform
Shell UK - Oil Platform 3D Model
Shell UK's Leman Bravo platform

Shell UK – Oil Platform 3D Model

Project deliverable:

3D Visual Model

Shell is a major energy producer and supplier and provides around 13% of the UK’s total oil and gas production. It produces oil and gas from more than 65 interests in the North Sea, operating more than 33 offshore installations and one FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offtake vessel). It also runs three onshore gas plants and a marine terminal that distributes natural gas liquids around the world.

3D animated model of Leman Bravo Platform for Shell

Shell approached our drawing team to produce a 3D visual model and presentation that reflected changes taking place to the Leman Bravo platform, a Shell asset located off the Norfolk coast in the North Sea. The 3D animated model needed to illustrate piece by piece, the various engineering modifications that were being made to the Leman Bravo.

Shell supplied the Drawing team with technical illustrations of the platform which our studio had to interpret and transpose into a 3D visual model. The original data was supplied in various non-editable formats including technical drawings and photographs, which the 3D team redrew into a new, useable format.

The studio produced a 3D visual of each stage of the modification process from a variety of angles which was incorporated into a presentation and used as an internal communication tool to brief engineers. The new animated model replaced a more complicated method of visually demonstrating the process with 2D plans, text and photos.

“Shell is a friendly and helpful client to work with. They are willing to take the time to explain an interesting and complex subject matter, which gives the team a clear understanding of what it is they need to show in the final presentation. This thorough brief before work commences ultimately helps the timescale and level of detail in the visuals that we produce.”

Jason Howard – 3D Visualiser, C A Design Services

“We are delighted with the 3D visuals. The presentation clearly and simply demonstrates the modifications and is now used internally as a key briefing tool for engineers as well as for obtaining permission from the Health & Safety Executive for the modifications to take place. Besides improving the quality of our essential HSEQ communication, one of the great benefits in using C A Design Services is that we can quickly and cost-effectively get the visuals updated in conjunction with legislative changes or to illustrate different models of the rig.”

Shell focal point.


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