Project deliverable:

3D Visualisation

OKQ8, Sweden’s most sustainable fuel company, were looking to maximise public relations and generate support following the launch of their new highly sustainable petrol station.

PR company INGO took the brief and instructed the visualisation team at CADS 3D to produce a 3D animation of the station. This animation would enable INGO to communicate the various sustainable aspects of the petrol station in a quick and easy-to-understand format during the marketing campaign.

An engaging 3 minute 3D video, including titles and a Swedish voice over, which brought to life the various sustainable aspects of the petrol station. Our 3D visuals drew particular attention to the solar panels for energy production, high speed rechargers for electric cars, a “green” roof, and animated rain water for the car wash.

This project was made much easier by working with the CADS 3D team, they listened intently to the brief, gave their own input and experience and throughout the process delivered on time and on budget. A job well done!

Rob Scutt

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