3D Product Demonstration for Air Curtain Manufacturer

Project deliverable:

3D Product Demo for Air Curtain Manufacturer

Product Demo Animation

Berner Air Curtain approached CADS to produce a 3D product demonstration with voice-over that demonstrated how their products operate and look in a lobby. An air curtain or air door protects the indoor temperature by circulating air downwards over an entrance. This means cool air remains outside in Winter and warm air remains outside in Summer.

Approaching the challenge

Having taken the brief from Berner Air Curtain, CADS’ 3D Visualiser researched software options to create the best possible product demo of the air curtain. He chose Blender software as it would help him build the animation at speed because of its advanced render engine, capable of creating individual frames in seconds rather than minutes.

Building the product demo to specific client requirements

The first step of the animation project was to create a storyboard and script in conjunction with the client. Once agreed, the work on the animation began. The Air Curtain model provided by the client needed editing to work within the animation. It was initially created as a whole animation and then rendered into several sections which could be pieced together using After Effects, where features like the Voice-Over were also added.

How clients benefit from investing in 3D visualisation and animation

We have found many clients enjoy the benefits of 3D visualisation and animation to enhance visual communication. For Berner Air Curtain, the animation provides a cost-effective and visually engaging product demonstration that can be shared with clients, prospects and other stakeholders across many channels, particularly digital.

A testimonial from Berner Air Curtain

“From the first meeting where Jason and Andy already had a good grasp on our product AND a preliminary render of what they were thinking for our video, working with these gentlemen has been wonderful. They listened and knew exactly what we were looking for. They were patient and flexible enough to get us results that we couldn’t be more happy with. Thank you so much for making this process so smooth and for such a quick turnaround!”

Kelsey Juszczak – Berner Air Curtains

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