News 3D Animation of Boats, Waves and Wakes

3D Animation of Boats, Waves and Wakes

Our 3D Visualisation team love a challenge that gets them thinking, and their latest brief from Alicat Workboats to create a realistic representation of a boat moving through water for a 3D marketing video, did just that.

The real challenge was to recreate the interaction between the moving boat, the natural waves and the foam the boat creates in its ‘wake‘, and required the talents of both our surveyors and our 3D studio. As Paul Hatton, CADS 3D visualisation team leader explains,

“The start for this project was a 3D model of the boat. This required a laser scan of the hull completed with an accuracy of 10mm using 40 set ups and 11 million scan points. This huge amount of data was knitted together to create a very detailed point cloud.

It became apparent that we needed a specialist software package to simulate the water movement. Having researched the options, I chose the Phoenix FD from Chaos Group because of the impressive visuals I’d seen produced with the software.

However it was only when we ran the physics simulation of the boat interacting with the water that we realised the scale of the computer processing power required to simulate these two very complicated shapes interacting.

The solution was to maintain the boat’s core shape but simplify the rest of the features. This significantly reduced the processing time while still retaining the detail to create a beautiful result.

The opportunities this initial 3D sequence has opened up are hugely exciting for C A Design Services. From realistic 3D virtual tours of luxury yachts to health and safety training videos for work boats and oil rigs, we can combine quality and creativity to deliver outstanding cost-effective 3D animations that deliver our client’s marketing message.”

If you have an idea you want communicated in a 3D visual or animation, set us the challenge and give us a call on 01493 440444.

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